You get what you pay for! – How I mastered the Art of making Sugar Flowers.

You get what you pay for! – How I mastered the Art of making Sugar Flowers.

I absolutely love it when I get a commission to create a cake like this:

But I haven’t always felt this way, to be honest, Sugar Flowers used to scare me!

I would look at other cake decorators work and tell myself that it wasn’t my style or sugar flowers were outdated. But this wasn’t the truth, I didn’t feel confident in my skills, I could do an oak rose at a push, but that was about it.

I had tried buying tutorials, watching YouTube several times over and these were really helpful, but for someone like me I need to see how it’s done in real life. I need to feel the sugarpaste, its thickness, how soft or hard it is, I basically need to sit right close to someone and follow them, asking questions all the way. 

So, a little over a year ago I decided it was time to invest, I booked on to a 5-day course in the Midlands, with a fantastic cake designer, Cotton and Crumbs I knew I needed to take the plunge and go, as the only way for me to move forward was to develop my skill.

This was an expensive course, only 3 other women on it so plenty of one to one help. I knew this wasn’t something I could just do again, I needed to apply myself, absorb as much information as possible and then retain it!

The phrase ‘’ you get what you pay for” couldn’t be truer. There were things on the course I knew already, but I saw in a fresh light, there were lots of things completely new to me. The other girls on the course were brilliant and a great source of knowledge and banter, we still have a WhatsApp group called ‘’cake bitches’’ where we often come to for advice.


I learnt to create flowers that I had wanted to but had previously felt out of my grasp. I picked up hints and tips that over the last year have been beyond helpful. (Plus 3 new friends who are brilliant!)

These commissions no longer scare me  but excite me. My Instagram feed and website are starting to make me feel proud and not daunted by what I cannot do.

So, if you feeling like you want to develop your skills, I can only encourage you that you really do ‘Get what you pay for.’

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