Tears, Tantrums and Superheros.

Tears, Tantrums and Superheros.

Every year for my son’s birthday he chooses the cake he would like. I try and steer him in the direction of a fairly simple one, as his birthday falls in wedding cake season, when I am up to my ears in designs, iced figures and complicated structures.

However this year just before his birthday he saw a cake in a local shop window and from then on he was determined this was that cake he would like me to create. It was not simple! But wanting to be a good mum and make him happy, I agreed. A three tier superhero cake it was, with all the bells and whistles.

A few weeks before his birthday I was spending some time working on the Hulk’s fist for the top tier. After about 2 hours of moulding, carving, sculpting, then painting, shading and spraying, my son enters the cake studio. His first words were, “Mum that looks great… but I want a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cake now!”

I laughed thinking it was a joke.

It wasn’t.

I spent the next 2 weeks chatting about how wonderful it would be to have superhero cake… I was too far down the line to change now. Thankfully after about a week he came round to my way of thinking!

On the day of his party, it was deemed, “awesome” (his words, not mine!).

He loved it. Phew.


This cake has to be made stage-by-stage. The fist took over a week to dry out and set solid, as did the Captain America badge, but it was definitely worth it to see his face.

Next year we will avoid shop window displays in the months leading up to his birthday.

I wont make that rookie mistake again.


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