The Joy and Calamity of Weddings!

The Joy and Calamity of Weddings!

Everywhere I look excitement is growing for the royal wedding. People are speculating on every element of the day from the dress, to the colour palette or the music. I am not doing their wedding cake (they missed a trick there) but I am sure it will be spectacular and can’t wait to discover what they have chosen.

My money is on a naked cake or semi-naked look maybe a bit like one of these…….


I may not be a part of this historic day but I am so grateful for all the weddings I do get to be involved in.

Being part of a couple’s special day is the best part of my job. It’s a gift to be invited in, see the love-struck pair through from first planning meetings, talking about themes and colour choices, to tastings and final decisions, right up to the moment when their special day arrives.

I don’t (usually!) get to see the bride on the day or hear the groom’s moving speech or dance the night away at the disco. But I am there on the morning of the big day, wedding cake in hand, and this is a real privilege. When I arrive at the venue to deliver the cake I can taste the anticipation, and feel the excitement, the buzz of what’s about to come. I love it!

There is one part, however, I do not enjoy: the delivery.

The drive to any venue can be very stressful. I generally drive at about 20 miles an hour, often causing my fellow road users much irritation. I have my hazard lights flashing in the hope people will be gracious and not get too frustrated. I am keenly aware of every pot-hole, corner and speed bump I encounter, holding my breath, praying the cake is secure (even know I triple checked it before I left).

The only other danger I face is the heat. I adore the sunshine but if I’m out on delivery I’m almost weeping with fear of the cake melting on route to the venue.

But then I arrive, the cake is fine, I find a parking space and I remember to breathe.

I get everything into the venue, my body starts to relax and the joyous atmosphere takes hold.

Today I was delivering a wedding cake to OhMeOhMy  in Liverpool. It’s a beautiful venue where every wedding feels special despite the fact there might have been multiple weddings there that week. As the room is transformed, upbeat music is playing and staff are busy making the place look just as have the couple have requested. The wedding coordinator is putting finishing touches to signs and festoon lights are being hung. The florist is somehow looking serene while dashing around with jars of flowers, bouquets of beauty bringing the space alive.  As I set up the wedding cake I get to watch all of this.

The excitement is infectious. Once I’m all set up and have taken a few pictures, my part is done. The room is buzzing and I leave excited at the delight the next day will bring for this happy couple.

I would love to be a fly on the wall for Harry and Megan’s wedding to see someone else setting up a cake, to watch the first dance, and to hear the speeches, because I know just how special and unique every wedding is. But until my number is called for the next royal nuptials I will satisfy my curiosity by watching it on TV along with the millions of others and glean the excitement that way.

Are you planning your wedding, why not book a consultation with me? Id love to be part of your big day!

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