Penelope’s Peppa.

Penelope’s Peppa.

It’s the eve of my little girl’s second birthday, and whilst I would love to dedicate hours upon hours to creating her the perfect cake, my reality is not that, I have a large Harry Potter themed wedding cake on this weekend with Golden snitch cake pops to go with it, along with other orders.

So time is short but emotions are high around this issue, as to buy my daughter a ‘Colin the caterpillar’ cake from Marks and Spencer would feel like a cheat as this is my job, plus there is a certain expectation from others that my children will always have beautiful cake’s.

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Maybe one year I will buy a chocolate caterpillar cake from the supermarket, but not this year…….

So i’m short on time, but wanted to do something pretty, she loves Peppa Pig so thankfully the theme is quite easy. After a bit of Pintrest scrolling I decided to do a baby pink frosted cake with edible confetti and a cake topper with a little pepper pig in the middle.

Now fingers crossed she likes it!

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If you fancy having a go at this simple cake yourself all you need is a 6” cake, Plenty of Buttercream frosting with a dash of pink dye to colour it and your on your way…

To make the topper I used 2 stripy straws and some card I cut into triangles and a piece of string. I put 2 purple pom poms on top of the straws attached on with a glue gun

Straws and pom poms both available at Home Bargains.

The edible confetti in widely available on ebay. You only need a small amount so check the weight before you buy.

If you don’t fancy having a go at making a Peppa pig from sugar paste, why not use shop bought figures as for this size cake they are perfect, plus they can play with them again after you’ve finished the cake!

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