How to Create Fondant Roses

How to Create Fondant Roses

How to Create Simple Fondant Roses

There are lots of techniques you can learn when starting out in Cake Decorating. Creating Roses from Fondant ( also known as Sugarpaste) is a great technique to start with, it will add an extra wow factor to any cake!

One thing I have learnt over the years – it’s worth mastering one Cake Decorating Technique before moving on to the next one. The point you feel like giving up, is usually the time you’ve almost mastered it!

So lets get down to how it’s done.

If you’re more of a visual learner, have a look at this tutorial….

Here’s a quick description of how to master the technique, let’s get started!

First up you will need:

  • Sugarpaste
  • Plastic zip and seal bag
  • Knife

Start off by cutting both sides of your zip and seal bag to make one long piece which can be then be folded in half – so it doubles over.

Next, kneed your Sugarpaste to make it soft and pliable, this will prevent cracks as you form the petals.

Now you’re ready to start, roll your sugarpaste into a long sausage shape, then cut it into disks, about 1 cm in width.You will need a 10-15 disks for each flower you make – depending on how many petals you want.

Once you’ve cut your disks, roll them into little balls and place them into the zip and seal bag. You want to do this in rows, slightly separated, so when you squash them down then won’t touch.

Place them on the bag in a 3-2-3-2 formation

Then, pull over the other half of the zip and seal bag – so they are covered.

Using your thumb, gently press each disk down so it forms a neat circle.

So now you should have about 12 disks, which looks like blobs of icing in neatish circle, here’s the bit which make take a bit of mastering…

Forming the petals.

Take your thumb and press just the top section of the circle so it’s flat, leave the other half as it was, so it’s fatter.

Repeat this with all of the petals.

Now you should have in front of you your petals!

Creating the ‘bud’

Each flower needs a ‘bud’ in the centre as a starting point…..

Take one of your petals and use the wide part at the bottom to form into a cone, this forms the centre of the flower, the ‘bud’.

Once you have this centre bud, you can then take individual petals and wrap them around the previous petals on the bud, and make sure that each one is just tucked inside the previous one, like a layering affect. Create the bud with 2 petals, then add 3 around that, then 5.

If you haven’t already, this is the part where watching the video will help!

Don’t worry about the bottom section of the petals, it will look a bit long and bulky, but this part will be chopped off later.

You can choose the size of your rose, for small ones or buds, use less petals, for a fuller flower, add more layers of petals.

Last up – tweak the petals, play with them, pull some of the petals back, leave some tighter until you have created the look you want.

roses for blog

If you are making a cake with a lot of roses on, or creating a spray, it looks most natural to have a range of sizes, why not create a few buds, a few with just 3 petals around the bud, and then a few fuller roses for the full bloom?

Once you’ve got all the petals you want for the effect, turn your rose upside down (hold on tight!) then twist the bottom a bit, and cut off the extra sugarpaste, so your flower has a flat bottom, ready to attach to your cake.


Remember – A spray of roses rarely all look the same! So think about the overall look you’re going for. By using different coloured icing, and sizes of petals you can learn to create a realistic and stunning effect.


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For some great Cake Decorating Equipment, Pop down to your local Home Bargains, where I have a Cake Decorating Range. These are the tools I use myself when Decorating Cakes.

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