Wedding Cakes

Beautiful Three Tiered Floral Cake with Hand Made sugar Flowers

Beautiful Three Tiered Floral Cake with Hand Made sugar Flowers

Whimsical Rose Wedding Cake

A Three Tiered Wedding Cake with freestyle Rose and Petals.

Pale Pink Roses and 1920s Style Wedding Cake.

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Autumn Wedding Cake

Liverpool Wedding Cakes, Elizabeth Harris

Four Tiered Open Wedding Cake with Faux Flowers.

Ombre Wedding Cake

Miniature Marbled Wedding Cake with Handmade Sugar Rose

An Elegant Three Tired, iced cake with Leaf Stencil detail and Handmade Sugar Flowers .

Three Tiered White Iced Cake with Burnt Orange and Blue Handmade Sugar Flowers

Two Tiered Summer Fruits Semi Naked Cake with Macarons and Floral Arrangement.

Liverpool Drip Cakes

Two Tiered Drip Cake

Two Tiered Drip Cake with Fresh Flowers, Fruit and Macarons with Personalised Cake Topper.

Naked Wedding Cake

Elegant Four Tiered White Iced Cake Decorated with Edible 24 Carrot Gold Leaf.

Liverpool Wedding Cake, Ombre, Fashion

Two Tiered, Double Depth Ombre Buttercream Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers

Liverpool Wedding Cake, Elizabeth Harris

Two Tiered Lace Cake with Vintage Broach

Buttercream Wedding Cake

Brush Embroidery Wedding Cake

Garden Party Wedding Cake

Beatles Wedding Cake

Three Tiered White Iced Cake with Branch Effect Detail and Faux Flowers.

Three Tiered Cake with Handmade Wafer Flowers and Hand Painted Geometric detail.

Soft Ruffles Wedding Cake

Art Deco Wedding Cake

Silver leaf, wedding cakes, marble cake. celebration,bride to be

Marble and Silver Leaf Wedding cake

Lace Wedding Cake

Soft Ruffles Wedding Cake

Birthday Cakes

Three Tiered Peter Rabbit Cake with Hand Made Sugar Characters.

Bespoke Two Tier Buttercream Birthday Cake with Personalised Cake Topper

Birthday Cake

Circus Birthday Cake

Liverpool Childrens' Birthday Cakes

Two Tiered 1st Birthday Cake with Ruffles and Personalised Cake Topper

Drip Cake

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Troll's Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Bespoke Handmade Sugar Characters

Madagascar Themed Birthday Cake with Handmade Sugar Animals.
Liverpool Birthday Cake Mens 30th

Single Tier Chocolate Themed Drip Cake with Personalised Cake Topper

Liverpool Birthday Cakes, Unicorn, Girls, Elizabeth Harris

Unicorn Themed Birthday Cake in Buttercream.

Birthday Cake

Liverpool Drip Cakes, Elizabeth Harris

Single Tier ``Upside Down Ice Cream`` Drip Cake

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Up Up and Away Birthday Cake

Surperhero Birthday Cake

Chocolate drip overload

LOL Doll Themed Birthday Cake with Handmade Sugar Bow and Personalised Topper

Other Cakes

Marbled Cake, Purple, Black

Marbled Fondant in Black & Purple.

Marbled Fondant in Black and Purple with Personalised Cake Topper.

Hat Box Cake with Handmade Sugar Bow and Floral Decorations

Handmade Floral Sugar Decorations

Bespoke Christmas Iced Ginger Biscuits

Death Star Birthday Cake

Single Tiered Peter Rabbit Themed Cake with Handmade Sugar Figure and Decoration.

The Jam

Elegant Two Tiered Cake with Sequin Detail and Bespoke Topper.

Colourful Single Tier Drip Cake with Handmade White Chocolate Shards and Macarons

Two Tiered Summer Semi Naked Cake with Macarons and Floral Arrangement.

Alice In Wonderland Bespoke Vanilla Cookies