Final Cake of the year.

Final Cake of the year.

It is the 31st of December and my final cake of the year is done!

To say I’m happy with it would be an understatement. I am ending the year on a high with a cake I really love.


2017 has been a year of change for Elizabeth Harris and I know this is a trend that will continue through 2018.

Back at the beginning of the year the Elizabeth Harris bakeware range was launched in Home Bargain Stores, a collaboration I am very proud of, having personally selected, and in some cases designed, all the items myself.

Throughout the year I have taken on cakes that have made me nervous, but I have learnt new techniques necessary and conquered my fears, resulting in some incredible creations.

I also shot a second season of tutorials for YouTube and we even managed a family holiday.

Here are a selection of my favourite cakes from this year..

                      Liverpool Drip Cakes Liverpool,Geometric, Cakes,

Throughout 2017 there is one idea I haven’t been able to get away from: the need for professional development.

For a long time I have dismissed the idea of going on another professional cake decorator’s course. I worried that taking on further training would reveal my inadequacy. I feared that people would think less of me. But as the year draws to a close I’ve decided to take the plunge and have booked onto a 5 day masterclass, specialising in sugar flowers. I am kicking the imposter syndrome to the kerb and taking control by choosing to invest in myself and develop my skills.
Even though I am already well-skilled in creating many types of sugar flowers I would love to be even better, to excel in this area, as it is a real passion of mine. I am excited to take this time to learn and listen, and then to see how this investment will impact my work.

Maybe you are hoping to learn something new this year.  Why not join me in investing in your own personal or professional development? Together we can enjoy the satisfaction of learning, practicing and mastering a skill that previously seemed out of reach.

Whatever you decide to do I hope 2018 brings you lots of happiness and joy along the way.

And a big thank you for your support and business this year.

Lizzie x

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