Bring On The Bling

Bring On The Bling

When a cake your working on makes you feel nervous and excited in equal measure you know it can only be a good thing.
Working with real gold can be temperamental and tricky but the results are so rewarding. So when bride-to-be Rachel showed me an image she had found in a magazine of a real gold and silver cake, I couldn’t help but do a little dance inside.

It was very modern, stylish and bold and, if executed right, a showstopper!
Edible gold is wafer thin, disintegrates if touched too much, and only comes in very small squares on transfer sheets.  I’d worked with edible gold a little in the past but never when it had to be so structured.

Straight to youtube I went, not being satisfied with the free tutorials I found I bought a set of classes via a website called Craftsy, (I couldn’t recommend this website more for online cake tutorials) on working with metallics, edible gold,silver and so on.
It was beyond helpful.
I went straight to practice (quite expensive practice but totally worthwhile!).
I started small with gold stars and hearts building my confidence in this new technique.

August is my busiest month for weddings and can feel totally unstoppable. It’s also where I thrive, I love doing wedding cakes!  The sense of satisfaction is immeasurable, I don’t often get to see the brides reaction but this month I’ve seen a few and its fantastic.

So back to this golden beauty…
I made sure I had extra of everything just incase of any mishaps, thankfully there were none. Once the cake was marzipan and white iced, I lay everything out like an operating table. I knew I was nervous as I kept leaving the room and coming back in again just looking at everything before I started, talk about making yourself nervous!

IMG_3839                IMG_3837              IMG_3842

Once I’d begun I didn’t want to stop it was so satisfying, the gold and silver worked beautifully, I couldn’t stop grinning.

Rachel and Thomas also had a fab cake topper custom made by liverpool company ‘Strange Case’ It was silver sparkly and a perfect finish to the cake. I would highly recommend them if your looking for a cake topper or wedding stationary, check out the link below.

FullSizeRender (3) copy

The cake was bound for Hope Street Hotel, a super stylish hotel in central Liverpool. Seeing it all set up on it’s stand made me so happy.

A cake that looked a million dollars!

  24 carot gold leaf, silver leaf. art deco wedding cake, stylish, 1920's, love     24 carot gold leaf, silver leaf. art deco wedding cake, stylish, 1920's, love      24 carot gold leaf, silver leaf. art deco wedding cake, stylish, 1920's, love     


Links to Craftsy, Hope Street Hotel and Strange Case can be found at the bottom.

Thanks for reading. Please let me know what you think, leave a comment below, and any questions I’ll do my best to answer.

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