Baking For Baking Sake.

Baking For Baking Sake.

I realised at some point this week that I very rarely get the chance to bake for the home anymore. I have become so busy for baking for orders, that I have forgotten the joy of baking for pleasure.

My husband loves to have baked cakes in the house and often feels neglected that the volume of cakes I do bake are never for him but for clients.

For the past two weeks there has been a program on BBC2 called “Bake Off- Creme De La Creme”

The premise is the same as many other shows I love like The Sewing Bee, The Great British Bake Off…. However this one focuses on pastry chefs. A lot of these chefs are at the top of their game and get very little exposure and recognition for their talent and skills. As I watch Im glued to the screen their creativity and flair is amazing.

Heres the trailer just incase you need convincing…

Before I did weddings cakes and occasion cakes I worked for a company in the north west of the UK who made lots of patisserie. One day a week I would work on the confectionary and patisserie line. At the time I didn’t enjoy it as much as decorating the cakes but looking back I can see how I have learnt vital skills that have helped me along the way.

With all of this in mind, I decided to bake for the joy of baking much to Mr H’s and the kids delight!

It was an oldie but a goodie- Triple chocolate brownies with milk, white and strawberry chocolate. Not quite Creme De La Creme but I will work up to that. As for now I have three very delighted people in my house.

IMG_2473            FullSizeRender (3)

Mr H and the eldest.                                       A few for a lovely friend in need of pregnancy cravings!



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