A little project with a big company.

A little project with a big company.

Last week I was contacted by one of our big UK supermarkets to be involved in a promotion in their run up to the Great British Bake Off Final.

The theme… Fake or Bake?

Could you tell the difference between a shop bought cake and a home made one just by looking at a picture?

I was asked to recreate three of Aldi’s best selling cakes using their recipes and then have them photographed next to their versions.

So I agreed.

I was keen to see what the difference would be. Naturally I preferred mine versions, but I am biased.

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The cherry on the top (excuse the pun) for me was when the marketing team sent me a video of one of the finalists, Luis Troyano, from last year’s Bake Off, giving me the thumbs up for my cakes.


I couldn’t ask for much more than that.

Can you tell, which is Aldi and which is home made?

Answers on a postcard.

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