4 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

4 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

If you are newly engaged, or in the throes of planning a wedding, you will be awash with helpful tips, Pinterest boards, and everyone from your Mum to the lady in the post office giving you their ideas.

My first piece of advice is this;

Stop, take a breathe and remember – it’s your day, not theirs.

Choosing a wedding cake is such a lovely part of wedding planning. It’s not quite as consequential as the dress, it doesn’t involve huge amounts of logistics, but it tastes good, and will be the showstopper of your reception.

Now, I realise I am biased with this view, but a wedding cake, is something lots of people remember, and when it has the wow factor, it can bring together all the details of your wedding decor into one lovely centrepiece.

Here are my 4 quick tips on how to choose your wedding cake.


What’s on your Pinterest board or in your scrapbook?

When we work with couples creating their wedding cake, being shown ideas for the other components of their day can be really helpful. Themes, magazine pages, Pinterest boards are a brilliant place to start.

We want to create a cake which reflects YOUR day, taking bits from existing ideas can be a fantastic springboard to getting us to the cake which is right for YOU. Something which symbolizes you as a couple or what the day represents.


Are you having a very traditional Wedding?

Do you like simple and sleek?

Ruffles or sequins?

Do you want something totally unusual and personalised?

( See more cakes on our Instagram Page )

All these ideas are a great place to start.

We have been creating bespoke Wedding Cakes for 12 years, but we haven’t made your wedding cake yet – we want to work alongside you, so we can make your dreams a reality.


Although the cake must, of course, be a show stopper, We want to create something delicious too!


How many does it need to feed? What do you want it to taste like?

At a consultation, we can also provide some taste samples. Let’s face it, one person’s idea of an amazing chocolate cake, may not be yours, so let’s get that part right too!

You may wish to consider a variety of cakes to keep everyone happy, or which complements the food you are serving.


A consultation involves us sitting down together, having a chat, and getting a feel for what you want us to create. You may arrive with three images, say you want a mixture of the three, tell me the flavour you’d like, and off we go, done.


You may arrive with an array of ideas and need us to help focus them down, and work out exactly what you want, We can help you with this……That’s our job!

We can, of course, communicate via e-mail and over the phone, but you can’t really beat a face to face meeting. A consultation gives both you and us, the confidence that we are on the same page.



After the consultation, you can either confirm what it is you want there and then, or, go away for a few days to have a think and then let us know.

We’re never keen to rush people, take your time, let’s get it how YOU want it.

Have a browse at our gallery, get some ideas together, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

You can contact us via our contact page .

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We look forward to seeing you for a consultation!

Lizzie x

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