The Joy of Cooking with Kids!

The Joy of Cooking with Kids!

Do you ever struggle to get your kids to eat the food you have so lovingly prepared?

I do, and when I spend an hour making something tasty and healthy only to get a look of disdain from the small people in my house, I find it very frustrating.

(Can’t say I ever get that look when presenting them with a cake or something sweet though! )

Don’t get me wrong, they eat, but often it’s with the bargaining tool of dessert or the threat of no dessert if said food is not eaten.

What I would really like, is for us all to eat, chat about our days, and there be no battle – but like the rest of you, this is rarely a reality!

Recently our youngest – Penny, has started watching a programme called ‘Our World Kitchen’ on CBBC. The premise being, children from all nationalities cook a meal typical of their country and serve it to friends to try it.

They have to prep and make the food, lay the table, greet their guests and explain the meal to them. Penny must have watched the whole series over the last few weeks, so it dawned on me that maybe if she was involved with the making she would eat better. (I am fully aware this is a revelation I should have had years ago!)

So, I offered her the bait, ‘Would you like to do your own ‘My World Kitchen’ Penny?’ – She couldn’t have been more enthusiastic!

The planning began!

She prepped the veg, whilst I nervously looked on reminding her how far her fingers should be away from the knife! She made a sauce for the salmon and got it onto a baking tray. She laid the table, asked me for candles and napkins so the table looked pretty.

Once it was ready we invited the boys in for penny to show them the table and explain what tea was, needless to say, she was very proud. Then to my amazement, she ate the entire meal, whilst I watched in happy shock.

She got plenty of praise for her efforts and I could see she was happy.

Getting ready for bed she said her high point of the day was putting the salmon into the baking dish for the oven, and could she make the tea every night.

Whilst I am very happy about this, it did take us an hour to make Asian salmon, roast veg and rice, so I’m not sure this will be a daily occurrence, but when I have the time, I will be calling on

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